Charlie Hocking — Tommy Jeans.
Charlie Hocking — Tommy Jeans.


Tommy Jeans was initially created in the 1990’s following the success and adaptation of the Hilfiger brand amongst the hip-hop community.

Despite having equity amongst fashion and streetwear fans, the new Tommy Jeans brand didn’t have the tools to communicate in an authentic way.

Whilst at DesignStudio, I directed the project to create a strategic framework and brand guidelines, alongside art direction and motion principles for their global marketing communications.


We combined Tommy’s history with today’s current climate, defining an optimistic, modern Americana that resonates with Gen Z. Instead of picket fences and pep rallies, Tommy’s about dreaming big no matter where you come from, celebrating diverse creativity from around the globe.

We dived into the TJ archive and found a treasure trove of colour, layout and logos. We adapted this archive and brought it to life using digital bands inspired by the famous Tommy boxer short and bold colour panels inspired by the iconic Hilfiger flag.


We created an in depth set of art direction guidelines that allowed the brand to adapt their version of Americana through the use of a diverse cast of models and musicians and across urban and studio locations around the world.

The guidelines now provide a consistent red thread for all brand departments at Tommy Jeans.

Full Credits

Creative director: 
Eric Ng
Design director: 
Charlie Hocking
Project manager: 
Magali Johnson
Rūta Paškevičiūtė, Phoebe Argent
Natalie Hart
2D Animation: 
Vitor Cervi, Will Samuel, James Turzinski

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